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Prior to our business relocating to St Peters Gate in 2007, NRG Digital Ltd was known as NRG Print and Design. Gary Wilkie successfully ran NRG Print and Design from two industrial units, one housing our printing presses, the other our design studio.

For ten years we produced in house from design through print production to final product many millions of flyers, letterheads and business cards. In fact every type was either produced or handled by us. During this ten year period we served many small to medium businesses plus some larger organisations such as North East Press, North Tyneside Council, T-Mobile, etc. In fact many others too numerous to mention.

It was this design background that enabled us to enter into building websites for our existing print customers’ way back in 1999!


Business Development - PayperPal

“PayperPal” is a prime example of NRG Digitals experience in launching a new business or idea. During the last few years we have gained valuable experience in marketing lots of different types of businesses. In some cases this has involved in applying for funding from development agencies such as Business Link. In the case of “PayperPal” we took the initial idea (a website to allow customers to pay for their newspaper deliveries online) through from concept to funding , website build and then we chosen by Sunderland Software City to take part in their Software Ventures programme of intensive training. This culminated in a NRG Digital Ltd director having to pitch to venture capitalists for possible funding. After this we began exploring the viability of launching the product further with help from SSC and marketing specialists Think M. To cut a long story short we do have many years of experience in relating to entrepreneurs and the difficulties they face!

Design for Packaging Industry - Sainsburys

Over the years we have been involved in many various forms of design for print. In 2005 we were involved in design for packaging, producing work for Sainsbury’s “Be Good To Your Self” range which was produced by Integrated Packaging a multi million pound turnover supplier to most of the major well known supermarkets. Prior to setting up NRG, Gary Wilkie had previously gained this experience in the packaging industry serving his apprenticeship at Vedrapack producing work for large printing presses supplying the lacks of Black and Decker, Mark’s and Spencer’s, Ford Motor Co to name but a few.


High Quality Security Printing - Applied Holographics

In 2002 we were selected by the then Applied Holographics (now Applied Optical) world leaders in holograms that were used on many banknotes and currencies. The high quality of our print work and reputation in print led to us working in partnership with Applied Holographics to print an experimental test varnish on various currencies from around the world including Japanese Yen and Portuguese Escudos.


Promotional Print for Household Names - McDonalds/Subway

Over the years we have helped market lots of different type of business through print. Elsewhere on this website we highlight how these techniques are increasingly becoming obsolete due to the dominance of the web. However we do still have this marketing experience and design skills should you require our services. We have printed many millions of leaflets and promo cards etc from small business, right up to household names such as McDonalds and Subway. Elsewhere on this site we describe more modern day use of design to market businesses via medium such as email and websites.


Large Quantity Leaflet Printing - North East Press

Updates coming soon!

High End Print Solutions - Camelot Lotto Terminal Handbook

We have many years experience in handling enquiries from various high profile organisations. These can range from queries regarding print jobs, website solutions or even software solutions. Looking back there are too many to mention, but one that does stand out was back in 2002 when Camelot had their regional office at Doxford International. NRG were asked to come up with ideas for a Lotto handbook terminal. This is just one example of our in depth knowledge of print production and design expertise.


Software Development /Employee Training and Development - “StartASite”

Our three main areas of expertise at NRG Digital are 1.Print 2. Website Design and 3. Software. As we developed as a business from the first area, Print into the second, Website Design we gained valuable knowledge in the third, Software. “StartASite” was (and still is) a software solution developed entirely by ourselves to build websites more efficiently. Over a period of four years Gary Wilkie project managed a team of designers and developers at NRG Digital to develop and launch our own website building software “StartASite”. Some of the team are pictured here, all contributed greatly in many different ways to a end result which we are quite proud of. “StartASite” will be used for many years to come by our current team an clients. It is also future proof in the respect that any future staff and clients of the business will benefit from the foundation of development work that has already been laid down in previous years by early website builds and previous members of the team. To learn more please check out